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“Things That Would Have Happened If Saraki Didn’t Become The Senate President” – By Coolscott

Having their preferred man at the helm of the affairs in the senate would have made easier the backing of the whims and desires of the executive by the senate.

Clearly, more of the intentions of the executive would be out-rightly supported or subtly promoted by the senate president, if he was the man the executive so badly wanted to put in place.

Let us look at some of these executive intentions

1). Implementation of the social media bill. 

2). Implenting a grazing reserve bill to ensure cattle is reared in Nigeria the same way it has been done thousands of years ago, even though we are in mordern times and absolutely none of the top beef producing countries in the world is practice nomadic herding. Other Nigerians would have been forced to forfeit their lands to empower the idea

What else do you think would have happened if the executive’s choice became senate president, and Bukola Saraki chose not to exercise his rights to satisfy his desire to contest, as his party’s stalwarts told him?

Written by:- Coolscott

“Things That Would Have Happened If Saraki Didn’t Become The Senate President” – By Coolscott.

Posted by on July 6, 2017.


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