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Every Bugatti Chiron Is Remotely Monitored From Bugatti HQ Online Real Time

Back in 2004, Bugatti introduced the telemetry system to the Veyron.. and the upgraded and latest telemetry has made it’s way into the new Bugatti Chiron. This system monitors the entire car 24/7 and transmits real time information to the Bugatti headquarters. So the company knows what’s wrong with your car even before you have a clue.

“Bugatti’s telemetry system is our version of the connected car – exclusive and individual for our customers and saving time and money for our developers,” said electrical engineer Nortbert Uffmann, who’s responsible for the system. “This is ‘Connected Car‘ à la Bugatti, and it has already been available for more than a decade.”

Back at the factory, Bugatti has some mechanics called “flying doctors” who take the next airplane off to the cars location to attend to any issue it may have. While in transit, these flying doctors can continue diagnostics on the car in a bid to provide world class service to their clients.

The telemetry system is a small device installed on each Chiron transmitting as much information as possible about the car through cellular connectivity. It also tells if something suspicious is happening to the car like it’s being stolen or taken to a place it shouldn’t be. Bugatti has 3 flying doctors responsible for 3 different regions and each of them receives real time information from the Chirons under their care. One doctor is responsible for America, another for Europe/Russia and the third for Middle East/Asia. Oops! None for Africa.

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Posted by on April 18, 2018.

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