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Lamborghini Recalls The Centenario To ‘Repair’ An Overweight Label

In the recent years, there has been a lot of recalls in the auto industry due to several reasons like faulty airbags, sticking accelerator pedals, faulty brakes etc.

Well those seem to be for the ‘lesser’cars for the ‘lesser’mortals.

Courtesy of WSupercars.

Lamborghini just separated the “boys from the men” as they issued a recall on their new Special Edition Centenario for a very, very, very, major, important incorrect label. Can you beat that?

They say that the label has an incorrect weight limit on it and this ‘anomaly’can cause the car to be overloaded, the recall states, as released by the USA’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Owners of this car will be notified by Lamborghini about this recall and dealers will install the correct certification label, free of charge.

Point to note is that only 40 of these cars were made so contacting the owners and effecting this ‘repair’should be relatively a breeze.

I know you need a quick data of its performance that can justify this special care:

770 horsepower.
2.8 seconds from 0-60 mph.

Posted by on May 9, 2018.

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