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See Pre-Wedding Pictures In Jehovah’s Witnesses Style

7 years ago,my very good friend met this beautiful and gentle damsel during one of the district convention of Jehovah’s witnesses while he was still a student in the University of Ilorin…no one actually thought they would end up together but their’s is a perfect love story in the making,during those years they maintained a very healthy relationship in accordance with our bible-based principles regarding courtship.

They are now prepared to the ultimate bow before Jehovah on 25th of August,2018 in Ilorin city.

Here are the pre-wedding pictures showing how beautiful a love-life and relationship can be when it is built the right way on Love,Godliness and mutual respect.Both of them are rare gems to the other.My prayer is for Jehovah to bless their union and that of everyone else aspiring to marry.Seeing them together makes me wanna….lemme keep quiet

Both of them are Nairalanders,my people share and wish them some luck before their Big-day.
Also hala lalasticala so this gets to FP,i know it will mean alot to them if this gets to FP.

Posted by on August 9, 2018.


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