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Actor Alexx Ekubo Reacts To Oby Ezekwesili’s Withdrawal From Presidential Race

Nollywood Actor, Alex Ekubo took to his Instagram page to react to the withdrawal of Oby Ezekwesili, the presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN).

Oby withdrew from the race and is set to now devote her time to help build a coalition.

See what he wrote on his page…

this is the level of selflessness i’m talking about, putting the
country’s interest over one’s personal interest &
ambition. #PowerOf1

Presidential Candidate Oby Ezekwesili,
steps down from Presidential Race to help build a coalition for a viable
alternative to the #APCPDP option that seems to be plaguing Nigeria for
so many years
Until we as a people want better for ourselves
& our unborn generation, we would continue our rigmarole from frying
pan to fire, Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gun powder, we CANNOT
afford another civil war, trust me when i say we are on the brink of it.
I’m sick & tired of the disparity btw things as they are & as
they ought to be, i’m tired of lying, i’m tired of covering up under the
guise of Patriotism, the honest truth is NIGERIA IS NOT WORKING, its
2019 we still cannot boast of steady power supply, a feat bigger
countries with less resources have conquered, & moved unto greater
things like self driving cars, electric cars, space programs, & we
are still here groping in the dark, inventing new dance moves like Zanku
& Shoki, i weep for my pple. Everything Baba Fela sang about
decades ago, is still happening like he sang it yesterday, we are still
“suffering & smiling” .
Dear Nigerian Youth, if you sell your
vote in this upcoming election, you are part of the problem! If you
support a candidate simply because he is from your geopolitical zone, or
the same religion as you, shame on you!
Let us take cue from
Aunty Oby & put the country first! Put our unborn generation first!
Put our collective wellbeing first! Abi are you not tired?!!!!
Thank you mama, you have truly led by example, posterity would never forget you.
Dear @feladurotoye @yelesho@moghalukingsley pls
we are running out of time “The 3rd Force” stands a better chance as an
alliance. Make it happen for a new NIGERIA

Posted by on January 24, 2019.


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