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Huawei’s ‘Oak OS’ Will Be Launching By August Or September

After a series of sanctions by the US government, Huawei is doing everything possible to keep its head above water. Just last month, the company suspended from using Google’s own Android OS. The suspension means Huawei was ban from using Google Services as well as Play Store. In response to this, the company announced that will be launching its own OS, which is called Oak OS.

The new Huawei Oak OS, according to reports, will likely to go official in August or September this year. It will be known as ‘HongMeng OS’ for China market and ‘Oak OS’ for the global market. It is currently being tested intensively after the recent ban from Google. There are believe that the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 could be the first device running the ‘HongMeng OS’/’Oak OS’ come October.

Google withdrew Huawei’s license to use Android access, security updates, Play Store and more. Although all existing products before the ban comes into full effect by the end of August, will still be able to use Google services. Despite the ban, Google has warned the US Government of the possible security risks involved with the new operating system. 

While we await the new OS, many are expecting to see how the Huawei’s new ‘HongMeng OS’/’Oak OS’ will do against the almighty Google Android OS. If you can remember correctly, the Symbian OS, Blackberry OS and recently the Window OS all fell and lost the battle to Google’s Android. Do you think the Oak OS can survive, please tell us what you think using the comment box below.

Posted by on June 11, 2019.

Categories: tech

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