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Dutch Firm Releases ‘First Solar Car That Travels 450 Miles On Single Charge’

Lightyear is one of the pioneers in clean mobility, this time, it
releases the prototype of Lightyear One, the world’s first long-range
solar car. After two years of dreaming, thinking, designing, and
developing, finally, Lightyear has achieved its mission of making clean
mobility available for everyone. Presented to a selected audience of
investors, partners, press, and customers in the TheaterHangaar in
Katwijk, the Netherlands, Lightyear One Solar Car wants to represent a
new era of sustainable driving.

Started from scratch,
Lightyear followed the laws of physics to purposely design a car that
has the ability to get the most out of every ray of sunshine. The
development team focused relentlessly to optimize efficiency as well as
safety. The main goal of this project is to fill in where electric cars
fall short because research has shown that range and the lack of
charging options are becoming the top concerns to most people when
considering electric cars.

Posted by on July 8, 2019.

Categories: tech

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