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Jesus Is Not God – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri in his contribution to Maraji’s post of Jesus being the only way to heaven, stated that Jesus is not God. 

Recall that LIB reported earlier that the former Presidential
spokesperson said Maraji was partly right in her claim of Jesus being
the only way to God. He also claimed that the Europeans changed Yeshua
to Jesus with an occultic agenda. 

In his rejoinder post to claims made earlier, Reno Omokri added that
Jesus is not God but only came to show us the way to God. He wrote; 

Let me shock you. Yeshua came to show us the Way to God because He,
Yeshua, is the ONLY Way to God. He is the everlasting Melchizedek High
Priest. The Mediator between God and man. But He is NOT the Almighty
God. That is a European concept.

Yeshua never claimed to be God. Many Christians read John 1:1 in The
Bible (not the Scriptures) and use that to claim that Yeshua is God. I
will urge you to get the original Greek Scriptures (see the attached
picture) and even if you can’t read Greek, just study that verse. This
is the verse in pure Greek (?ν ?ρχ? ?ν ? λ?γος, κα? ? λ?γος ?ν πρ?ς τ?ν
θε?ν, κα? θε?ς ?ν ? λ?γος). Here is the verse in Latin, which may be
easier for laymen (In principio erat Verbum, et Verbum erat apud Deum,
et Deus erat Verbum). Notice the words DEUM and DEUS are used to
describe the first and second mention of God.

Although you may not be able to read the Greek, what John 1:1 says
when translated without changing the words used for God is this “in the
beginning was the Word and the Word was with Theon and the Word was
Theos”. The original Scriptures did not use the same word for the first
mention of God and the second mention. The word used in the first
mention is THEON (which refers to the Almighty. The word in the second
mention is THEOS which is what is used to refer to Yeshua. 
This is why Scripture says “my people perish for lack of knowledge”-Hosea 4:6. 

Posted by on August 13, 2019.


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