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The Brand New Day Crooner Mano Ezoh – The Emotional Voice: after working with the legendary Snoop Dogg and other international artists he made his way up to the sky and keep on releasing one hit after the other and won the heart of millions of people. The next hit track is called SOS. Now happy people, check your speakers, plug your headsets and get ready to set the groove on.

The German superstar with Nigerian roots made the impossible possible: with hard work and his God given voice, he achieved his goal and is now a well-known and popular singer, songwriter, vocal coach and producer. After capturing everybody’s heart in Europe and parts of the USA, Mano Ezoh – The Emotional Voice, has finally decided to storm his motherland Nigeria with some beautiful tracks.

Born and raised in Africa the talented singer, songwriter and producer started his career at the very young age of five. Already as a child he dreamt the same dream over and over again. He saw himself standing in the spotlight performing in front of a huge audience. Since then he has been touching people’s hearts all over the world with his music and numerous live concerts, together with mass choirs, which he has instructed and conducted himself. His emotional voice fascinates the audience all over the world, and his songs – telling his very special story of life – help people overcoming all obstacles and resistances. In his concerts more than 60.000 people listened to his amazing repertoire.

In 2011 Mano Ezoh turned his dream into reality and received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records as the first person with “The World’s Largest Gospel Choir”. In 2013 he cooperated with Snoop Dogg and other famous artists such as John Legend to produce some special, unique, great songs.

After many years working with the big labels Universal Music and Sony Music, Mano Ezoh established his first independent music label “Mezoh Music”in 2014, collaborating internationally with those important music companies ever since.

His first album “Fly”, released in 2015, produced in Munich and the USA, stormed the hitlists all around Europe and reached top placements in radio and TV charts and has once again proved Mano Ezoh’s exceptional talent.

In 2015, after receiving the award for “Europe’s Largest Gospel Choir” together with several other rewards in Germany and Europe and after releasing his album “Fly”, he eventually decided to spread his music in Africa. His first single to be released in Nigeria, is dedicated to the most important person in the artist’s life: his loving mother. Through his emotional song “Mama”, Mano Ezoh wants to express his love and respect for his own mother, but also for every woman who knows both the pleasure and pain of motherhood.
A mother is the only person who will always fight for and support her children. This song is furthermore Mano Ezoh’s message to every man and child: “If you have a mama, treat your mama right. Mama, you are the queen of my heart”.

In summer 2016 Mano Ezoh released the new top summer hit “Brand New Day” the first single release from the new album “In Time”, which will be completed in 2016 and published in 2017. With this song, Mano Ezoh brings the summer into people´s homes. His emotional voice, combined with the rhythm and the beat of the song, creates an endless party feeling.
The song again reached high placements in radio and TV charts all around Germany and Europe, and was one of the best European summer hits in 2016. This smashing hit was Number one in six European countries. Mano Ezoh was invited to several TV shows and talk shows in Germany and Europe to present his top hit.
This year Mano Ezoh also won the “Camera Award”, the most important award in Germany. With this award German and international artists are honored and recognized as the best artists in the country and abroad.

With his brand new hit single and c

lub banger “Fly – African Version”, featuring the wellknown Nigerian rap king “Vector tha Viper”, released in October 2016, the German Nigerian Europe based music star has invaded Nigeria and Africa, as well as rave reviews and airplays around the continent.




Mano Ezoh – “SOS”

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