An Overview Of The Rolls Royce 103ex: The Future Of Luxury Mobility

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The future really is here. Rolls-Royce has joined the bandwagon of the Vision Next 100 and this car is just super dope.

Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 is the future vision project of this world’s leading luxury brand about the future of luxury mobility. With code name 103EX, Rolls-Royce wants to boldly point to a brighter future for their customers high demands, complete and authentic personalization that blends technology, design, and showcase Rolls-Royce craftsmanship.

Spectacular indeed, this concept car presents a luxurious and aesthetically dynamic vision of mobility, it offers you personal, effortless, and autonomous Rolls-Royce experience wrapped in a grand design that offers grand sanctuary for its occupants. Special chassis is also designed, hand-built from most advanced materials and powered by a zero emissions powertrain. The use of advanced manufacturing technologies allow customers to involve themselves in the design of the shape, size, and even silhouette of their personal Rolls Royce. So each car would be unique, a personal vision of each customer

Step inside the car, enter the Grand Sanctuary unbowed, you are exposed to luxurious and elegant design. Cocooned in futuristic yet handcrafted lounge atmosphere, the coach door and clamshell canopy smoothly glide to close you in uninterrupted silence and comfort. As you can expect, the environment of this car is crafted from most precious and contemporary materials. Simple, light, and effortless elegance. The cabin is surrounded by most modern handcrafted fine-line Macassar wood paneling, from the coach door and around behind that generous OLED screen and up next to the second passenger to the side of the sofa. This design creates continuous, sculptural surface when the screen is extinguished.

You will also find an elegant sofa waiting for you, futuristic interpretation of modern furniture design. Covered in most opulent fabrics, creating an impression of floating thanks to the creative use of lighting and modern materials. At 5.9m long and 1.6m high, Rolls-Royce 103EX mirrors the dimensions of Phantom Extended Wheelbase with Spirit of Ecstasy grows in stature, looking back to the regal Phantoms of the 1920s.

Who will be the first Nigerian to order for this car? Is it Olugbo who is Royce freak, Dangote or Don Jazzy? We are watching


9jaflaver An Overview Of The Rolls Royce 103ex: The Future Of Luxury Mobility.


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