Hum Rider: The Car Lagosians Have Been Waiting For (Photos)

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Hum Rider: The Car Lagosians Have Been Waiting For (Photos)

This definitely will be a good news for Lagosians who spent hours on Lekki, 3rd Mainland, Ikorodu Road etc, as the car you are waiting for has finally berthed. For regular commuters that know the pains of peak-hour traffic, it is something of a dream.

A car that has the ability to widen its base and rise up to a height that allows it to cruise over the top of other vehicles, eliminating any need to wait in line. Look no further than the Hum Rider – a Jeep Cherokee with hydraulic lifts built into the wheelbase.

Incredible car modification from Hum Rider means you will never have to sit in traffic again

Looks too good to be true, right?

That’s because it is.

The Hum Rider is the result of a cleverly planned marketing scheme for Verizon Telematic’s Hum dongle, which adds diagnostics, road-side assistance, location and speed tracking and geo-fencing to your vehicle’s computer.

Designed by marketing agency Thinkmodo, the hydraulic car is designed to represent the extraordinary driving experience the Hum dongle can provide users.

“In many respects, (the Hum Rider is) a bit of a metaphor, taking the ordinary driving experience and making it extraordinary,” Verizon VP of Marketing Jay Jaffin told Mashable.

“Kind of what we’re illustrating with that crazy car that drives over cars.”

Created with over 300 feet of hydraulic lines, the mechanism is powered by a single gas Honda generator, driving over 400 kg of pressure through the pipes to lift the car nine feet in the air.

The Hum Rider weighs a whopping 3,800 kg – also double the weight of a standard Jeep Grand Cherokee.

While it certainly is a shame this incredible feat of engineering is no more than a one-off marketing stunt, it is probably for the best.

If these things got out onto the roads,one can only fathom the kind of multi-levelled traffic chaos that would ensue.


9jaflaver Hum Rider: The Car Lagosians Have Been Waiting For (Photos).


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