Samsung Galaxy S8: Pre-Orders Reach 1 Million, And Still Counting

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As we draw close to the April 21 release, it becomes clear that Samsung’s latest flagships might actually become the best-selling smartphones of this year. Korean reports recently revealed that Samsung managed to surpass the 1 million mark when it comes to pre-orders for its new devices.

Samsung recorded more than 1 million pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + in its home country, during more than 10 days since the pre-order process started in South Korea. The data was collected from local telecom carriers and shows the highest-ever figure for a new smartphone in the country.

The smartphone maker has set a sales target of more than 60 million units for the Galaxy S8, compared to 52 million sold Galaxy S7 units. The latest figure shows that Samsung has indeed surpassed its previously set pre-order target, but that doesn’t mean that all 1 million customers will end up buying the phone.

Analysts say that more than 70% of people who pre-ordered the phone will actually buy it, and a similar ratio was recorded last year with the Galaxy Note 7. However, Samsung’s sales momentum will start to gradually tone down in the weeks before Apple announces its anniversary iPhone 8.

On a side note, we hope Samsung will properly address the red discoloration issue on the display of Galaxy S8 units sold in its home country.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Pre-Orders Reach 1 Million, And Still Counting.


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