13 Things You Need To Know About The Tecno L9 Plus

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1: Fast Boot up time
The L9plus takes 40 seconds to boot up and 47 seconds to completely power off, that’s impressive by most standards.

2: 720p resolution on a 6inch display clearly shows the display isn’t its strong point. Regardless, the display is surprisingly good and sunlight legibility is ok provided the brightness is cramped up.

3: Android Nougat? Yes, but no HIOS.
HIOS has matured over the years and it was kinda surprising to see that Tecno opted to load up the L9plus stock android version. I know those that likes their dessert plain will be happy with this.

4: Reasonable fast charge time
It makes perfect sense to equip the L9plus with fast charge. You get from 1% to 88% in a little under 2hrs. For a Smartphone packing 5000mah battery thats impressive.

5: Amazingly battery life.
No surprises here. Phone usage habits differ, you are sure to get 2days worth of juice from the L9plus. I don’t know about you, but 2days without needing to charge is a huge deal for me.

6: No quick access to settings like ultra power saving mode. I think this feature only comes with forked Android skins. With Stock Android you’ll have to get right into the settings and enable it.

7: Very decent speakers hence notification sounds can be very loud.
This sound coming out of this phone is quite loud. Not loud enough to do an outdoor owanbe but loud enough to not miss when a call comes thru.

8: Decent Multi tasking ability.
The L9plus can handle quite a few light apps running simultaneously but don’t Coman start playing GTA IV while having all those heavy resource hungry apps open at the same time.

9: Gets a bit warm from extensive use
like a lot of Smartphones out there, the L9plus gets warm from extensive use, nothing in the extreme so na worries.

10: Decent Camera
You’d expect that the camera will be average but it turns out the they take pretty decent pictures. You also get all the additional camera settings that comes with stock android so yes, you can tweak the exposure and white balance.

11: Benchmark results aren’t too impressive.
This is to be expected considering the L9plus packs a madiatek 6580 quad-core processor. The results speaks for itself.

12: Like on the iPhone and xiaomi devices, you get a quick ball setting floating on the homepage. This provides quick and easy I access to shortcuts and apps. For example, you can quickly take screenshots, get quick access to the apps you use, plus it also acts as your navigation buttons. For those that find it annoying, it can be turned off by going to the T.point and deactivate it.

13: I couldn’t enable the option to view my battery percentage.
I noticed that the battery percentage wasn’t visible on the L9 Plus, this is actually normal with stock android OS, however, efforts to activate “System tuner� an option that would allow you to view your battery percentage proved futile.

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13 Things You Need To Know About The Tecno L9 Plus.


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