See Why You Should Mind What You Keep In Your Car Especially In Hot Weather

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A car parked stationary under the sun can have temperatures shoot up drastically and also incredibly increasing the temperature of its contents. This singular reason is why it is extremely unwise to leave living beings like kids or pets in the car in hot weather…. Children have been killed like this at several times all over the world. So don’t even think it’s restricted to particular regions.

A new incident has just revealed that this warning should extend beyond just living beings but also to pressured cans like hairsprays, perfumes, etc and also loaded guns.

Unfortunately a lady in Washington, Karmen Ayres’ had a bitter experience after her windshield got a massive damage from an exploded can of hairspray while she was at work.

According to Jalopnik, “On closer inspection, she noticed it was a can of hairspray lodged in her cracked windshield. She said she had left the can in her car on the back passenger side seat.

“At first I looked up, because I thought maybe something fell,” Eyres said. “But then I noticed it was from the inside out. I was in shock and then I realized what it was.”

Imagine the sheer force that deployed the can from the backseat right to the front windshield. Good thing that no one was in the car to have taken a direct hit from the can

Here in Nigeria, some years ago, a lady’s fire extinguisher exploded in her boot and completely coated the whole car with white powder up-to her front windscreen. Though in her case, the fire extinguisher had expired.

The bottomline is that you should always mind what we leave in the car. If you feel they might be affected by heat, kindly look for something like a cloth especially dark coloured ones that can absorb the heat to the barest minimum and throw over the item. Or put them inside a bag especially at the back if your car has tinted privacy windows where the tint should help reduce the intensity of the heat.


See Why You Should Mind What You Keep In Your Car Especially In Hot Weather.


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