Samsung Galaxy S9:- Top 4 Future Expectations

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Insight for your delight: Somewhere on the internet, on the lips of people, it is spoken of Samsung Galaxy S9 to already being developed. Samsung and Qualcomm coming together to take a shot at the Snapdragon 845 chipset points us all to one direction – it is probably going to power the Galaxy S9.

Welcome to TechIsBae. Straight to the reasons why I am writing this article and why you are carefully reading it line by line.

Here is top 4 future expectations for Samsung Galaxy S9.

1. A fingerprint sensor below the screen

Samsung Galaxy S8 failed to meet a lot of people’s expectation when Samsung’s plan to embed a fingerprint sensor below the screen was halted because there was no time on their hands to make it work and had to move the fingerprint to the back of the phone.

Galaxy S8 later featured a sensitive home button beneath the screen, which users found to be useful.

All eyes on Samsung this time around as we expect them to incorporate a fingerprint sensor below the screen in Samsung Galaxy S9.

2. Excellent Dual-lens camera

iPhone 7 Plus dual-lens camera made it a winner when it was launched and we expect same from Galaxy S9. Before Samsung S8 was unveiled, news had it that it may feature the dual-lens shooter but it never happened.

Now is the time for Samsung to give us what we want – excellent point-and-shoot dual cameras on Galaxy S9.

3. Affordable price

Believe it or not, Samsung Galaxy S8 was costly and we hope that will not be the case in next coming flagship smartphones to the market. Samsung should do something new this time and that is to give us a less expensive Galaxy phone next year.

4. A small-size edition

Samsung S8 Plus was bigger than Samsung S8 because it was the mid-sized version having a 6.2-inch display; both devices were operated one-handed by users although some had to choose one that was more convenient for them.

We would like to see Galaxy S9 having a small-sized display. What do you think? Over to you.


Samsung Galaxy S9:- Top 4 Future Expectations.


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