Leaked Features Of Iphone 8 Shows No Touch ID And More

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As the date for the released of iPhone 8 get closer, more features about the phone is leaked. Sources from the internet showed that the new iPhone will not have a Touch ID. This is one of the unique feature on Apple product. Infact, must people differentiate between iPhone and any other smartphone with the Touch ID on the down-middle of the retina.

But why will Apple decide to remove the Touch ID? Well, it may be that, as Apple completed its ten years of producing iPhone series, it want to change the way the phone appears. Or probably, Apple want to improve on the security of the phone. Either case, many persons who are following up with the latest trends from Apple as regard this as the bad feature of the new devise.

According to the leaked which was published on YouTube, Apple may replace the Touch ID with a facial scanning. The report also showed that the facial scanning will be as fast as the Touch ID. The facial scanning maybe more secure than the Touch ID.

Another feature to watch out for is the chipset. The chipset is Neural Engine Apple A10. A memory of 3GB is also expected from this new Apple iPhone series. Users can choose between buying the 64GB internal storage or the 256GB option. It is expected to come in three colours, two of the colours I am aware of now is White and Black. The battery is expected to come with 5 Watt and USB Type-C port.

The iPhone 8 may also have three variants in terms of size. There will be 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches and 5.8 inches Retina. The screen is expected to take the larger portion of the phone body than the iPhone 7. See iPhone 7 photo below.

Certainly, it will comes in iOS11 operating system. But what about fingerprint sensor? Will the new iPhone have it? Most mobile devise produced by big mobile phone companies uses fingerprint scanner technology. Will Apple remain different from this secure method? Well let’s watch out for that.


Leaked Features Of Iphone 8 Shows No Touch ID And More.


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