Tecno’s Spark Series Taking The Youth Market By Storm (Photo)

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There were rumors that TECNO is going to release “special” new series smartphones in the summer, one thing we know is that the release of new TECNO phone could be a lot more strategic than many analysts have considered.

The big question: so what is different in TECNO new series smartphones and why launch now? The Asian mobile maker TECNO clearly aims to be ‘the camera smartphone of choice’ in all its local markets and this philosophy is what we see being replicated across all TECNO flagship lines this year and maybe, in years to come.

That said, We think the TECNO’s coming new series will take the youth market by storm and these are 3 reasons why.

1. Premium specifications at an unbeatable price tag!

You can’t ignore all the great smartphone functionalities that TECNO has been thrown at phone lovers. According to rumour mills, this new series will host 13MP rear and 8MP front camera with dual Led flash . That’s not all, we heard that the standard edition of this new series probably will be priced only $70 with Fingerprint sensor, 5.5 inches IPS display and run on latest Android 7.0. If you ask me, this is good bargain that will offer value for money if the specs and price tag are anything to go by.

2. Secret Innovation weapon will be equipped along with Camera…

We heard the biggest surprise about this new series will come with great camera innovation that will be equipped along with camera…we will update once we get more information.

3. For young people and also for people who want to feel young

The specifications, colorful chasis options and price tag all makes this new series a carefully tailored smartphone to woo young consumers and also to those who want to feel young. This well-combined targeting could be a very strong point for the newcomer smartphone from TECNO Mobile.

What if its plus version is priced at $100?…now that’s a steal!

New and exciting upgrades make us get smartphones every year and that’s a global trend which doesn’t come cheap by the way. But here’s the good news, TECNO’s new series smartphone’s plus version is giving phone lovers premium upgrades at a positively ridiculous price!

Tecno’s Spark Series Taking The Youth Market By Storm (Photo).


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