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Glo Increases Their Data Plans

The telecommunications company has done a recent review of their data plans.I renewed my #2000 data plan two days ago which normally would have been 7.6GB and I was shocked to see 9.4GB.In my mind,I was like God don catch glo for me…I didn’t know it as the latest review.

I just received this message which clarified my doubts of maybe it was a mistake or not

#1000-1.3GB and 3.6GB upon renewal now 4GB 30 days

#2000 -3.8GB and 7.6 upon renewal now 9.5GB 30days

#2500-5GB and 10GB upon renewal now 12.5GB 30 days

You can dial *777# to see the rest offers.

Glo Increases Their Data Plans.

Posted by on November 11, 2017.


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