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9Mobile Launches N14,000 Rhino 2 Android Phone

Fourth largest telco network operator in Nigeria—9Mobile has launched a low-end phone which costs just NGN 14,000, dubbed ‘ 9Mobile Rhino 2’ . Though the device doesn’t have those groundbreaking feature, it will be copacetic to people who’re just starting the Android life.

The need to own a smartphone has gone beyond calling and texting. At least, one should be able to check his/her social media pages, WhatsApp, read emails and unwind with some cool games, but with the price of devices nowadays, some people just stick to their old Java phone.

The good news is 9Mobile Rhino 2 phone, otherwise called 9mobile Prime 1 , can offer these features and it comes with a price tag of just N14000 naira. This is a good bargain for a phone that has durable battery, enough storage space, camera and internet accessibility support.

Guys, this can be a perfect Christmas or end-of-year gift.


9Mobile Launches N14,000 Rhino 2 Android Phone.

Posted by on December 6, 2017.

Categories: tech

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