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Extreme Engineering: This Wheelchair Can Climb Stairs And Overcome Obstacles

This innovative wheelchair which started as a project by five masters students from two universities – the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Zurich University of the Arts is set to hit the market this year 2018 and will be made affordable for all. The basic wheelchair design has remained the same, however, the technology behind it has progressed greatly and is very futuristic.

With this advanced electric wheelchair people with disabilities no longer need people to carry them up the stairs, all they need to is push a few buttons and use the joystick. Very nice.

The amazing features are,

Both wheels and tracks to allow the chair to overcome all manner of obstacles.

Various mode settings will ensure the user’s safety when stationary, on slippery surfaces and steep inclines.

The chair will even lift them up to reach objects above their reach or simply to allow for more comfortable eye-contact during conversation.

Self-balancing technology also enables the chair to turn on the spot, as well as to mount curbs without getting stuck.

The team is looking for funds to be able to mass-produce this amazing technology so it be available and are already sourcing for funds on PATREON, a crowd-funding page. Speaking on the group’s Patreon crowd-funding page, the team said: ‘During our bachelor studies we built the first prototype of the wheelchair.’It was a great experience and we got very good feedback from people all over the world. ‘This is why we decided to continue this project and design a new wheelchair that can be brought to the market.’Users will be able to control the chair with a joystick or simply by shifting their body weight. The project started in late 2014 and this is 2018, they believe it will hit the market real soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Posted by on July 12, 2018.

Categories: tech

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