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Jehovah by Ehi Sam

The song JEHOVAH came to Ehi Sam while leading a worship section during a mid week service at His Purpose Church, South Africa in 2019. The song title is born out of the realization of who God is to me personally and my family. The name Jehovah kept me through the storms of life at a very tender age,delivered from ulcer,escaped death severally both on land and air. The name Jehovah is an experience and a reality to me. He used what could have killed me to lift me up.


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Jehovah you are the great i am

Jehovah you will never fail

Hosanna we give you all the praise

Hosanna you will never fail


In the midst of the red sea

You made a way

In the midst of the storm

You are my peace

In the midst of the darkness

You’re my guiding light

Jehovah you will never fail

Repeat chorus

All sufficient God

The multi breasted one

You are Yahweh

You are Yahweh

All sufficient God

The multi breasted one

You are Yahweh

You will never fail


You will never fail (4x)

I put my trust in you (4x)

I have confidence in you (4x)

Jehovah Jehovah

The solid rock on which i stand

Jehovah Jehovah

My firm foundation

Jehovah 4x

Jehovah 4x

Jehovah eh…Jehovah eh…11x

Jehovah 8x



Ehi Sam is a Nigerian gospel artiste based in Johannesburg,South Africa. He released his first single titled JEHOVAH in April 2020. Jehovah is a story of Ehi Sam’s life. God has raised him from a difficult childhood with an absent father to a great minister of music. The song is an assurance that God will never fail His children.

Ehi Sam was born at ST Philomena Hospital in Edo State,Nigeria on 2nd February 1979.A firstborn in a family of five,his siblings are Emmanuel,Kingsley,Osi and Obehi(Debra).

He is happily married to Rita Omo Ahusi. They have two lovely children,Gavrila Ehinomen and Hadriel Ehijiele.

Ehi Sam has recorded his second song titled ‘NO LIMIT’ to be released soon and a third song in the pipeline. He is the Music Director at His Purpose Church, South Africa.


Ehi Sam was born at St Philomena Hospital in Edo State, Nigeria on 2 February 1979. He is the firstborn in a family of five. His siblings are Emmanuel, Kingsley, Osi and Obehi (Debra).

A Public Administration graduate from Lagos State University, Ehi Sam is married to the beautiful Rita Omo Ahusi. A wife of his youth, Rita has been his strength emotionally and a very passionate follower of his music ministry. Together, they have two lovely children, Gavrila Ehinomen and Hadriel Ehijiele.

Ehi Sam lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He grew up a loner as his father was always busy and unavailable. His childhood was characterized as happy and sad due to the irreconcilable matrimonial differences and failures in his family. These recurrent issues between his parents robbed the family of its joy and peace.

At a tender age, he saw his family falling apart. His mother left and returned to the family home several times. Due to his father’s way of life which wasn’t helping matters, she finally left for good. Ehi and his siblings remained with their father. But things got worse and the children were thrown out of their father’s home.

As the firstborn, Ehi Sam took the role of the father. At a young age , he started doing menial jobs to support his Mother and siblings. He worked at construction sites, carrying cement, blocks and cleared people’s farms. The Mother hardly earned enough from her cleaning job.

One day, the Mother, Ehi Sam and his two siblings, Emmanuel and Kingsley, were walking home for a very long distance because they did not have money to transport themselves from the farm. While walking on Ikpoba River Bridge, his Mother ran towards the rail, with the intention of jumping into the river. By the grace of God, Ehi Sam quickly ran after her and held her firmly pleading with her not commit suicide. She broke down in tears and said it would have been better if the husband abandoned her but supported the children. It pained her seeing her children suffering.

One Sunday morning, Ehi Sam and his Mother were hired to clear someone’s farm. They worked with empty stomachs from the early hours of the morning till late afternoon under the scorching sun. Due to the unbearable hunger they went to plead with the man’s wife to give them part of the money to buy food to eat so they could continue but the lady refused, rather, she gave them rice and deducted the amount from what her husband paid Ehi Sam and his mother when he came back in the evening.

Ehi Sam lacked clothes and shoes. He used a piece of cloth as a belt for his trousers when going to important places like Church meetings for several weeks. Despite the storms of life he still held on to his passion and the grace of God kept him going.

His Father was living with another woman and her two kids from another man. Ehi Sam confronted his father once to ask why he neglected his family. Ehi Sam, his brother Emmanuel and their Mother went to report the issue at the Father’s workplace, with the hope that his colleagues would intervene. Upon seeing them, the Father asked the security guards to chase them away. The Father later reported the then teenager, Ehi Sam and his younger brother Emmanuel to the Police. The Father claimed Ehi Sam had a gun (which was a terrible lie) and was a threat to his family. For several months, Ehi Sam lived in hiding, avoiding the Police, always looking over his young shoulders for fear of being arrested. After several months, he, his brother Emmanuel and the Mother went to the Police to resolve the matter. The Police cleared Ehi Sam, after their investigation revealed he was innocent. The allegations were all false claims by the father just to rid Ehi Sam and his siblings off…avoiding his fatherly responsibility. All thanks to Jehovah, who never fails as declared in Hebrews 13: 5 – 6.

While his family was struggling, Ehi Sam found himself hanging around Church Choirs, as they were called then. Every time he was in Church, nothing was more appealing to him than the music renditions – the musicians, singers and mostly the keyboardist. He found inner joy and peace whenever he heard worship songs being played or sang.

Due to his passion for music, at the age of nine, his uncle, Victor Aire bought him a small piano. The gift fueled his passion. He gained the confidence to sing and play music with his peers. He would ask people to sing while he played the piano. The piano was like a twin brother, accompanying him even to bed.

In 1990, Ehi Sam started playing keyboard for a church, Gospel Defenders Ministry in Edo State. Years later he joined Pastor Phil Arojie, who was the leading pastor at Leaders’ Chapel at the time. Pastor Phil has great passion for the youth even till date. Pastor Phil recognized Ehi Sam’s gift and passion for music excellence. He asked Ehi Sam to lead the Church Choir, while still at secondary school. It was a great opportunity.

Through Pastor Phil Arojie’s ministry, Dayspring Gospel Centre International (DGC), Ehi Sam connected with key musicians. Ehi Sam also discovered his leadership skills. He mobilized friends, singers, musicians and taught music at several churches. His music ministry started having impact on people and Churches. He kept on blessing lives with his music with joy and peace amid storms and ravaging seas.

Some Churches started inviting Ehi Sam to minister at their programmes and to train their choirs. Pastor Phil encouraged Ehi Sam to expand his music ministry to other ministries even at the expense of Leader’s Chapel service time, whenever there was an invitation.

Due to his passion and musical skill, his uncle Rev.Dr J U Aire, a humble and revered man of God, general overseer of WONDERS OF GOD CHURCH,LAGOS took him to Lagos in 2004 to lead the church choir thereby expanding Ehi Sam’s music ministry further.

Since his teens, Ehi Sam has ministered at countless services and programmes but these are stuck in his memory.

In April 2013, Ehi Sam led the Liberty Praise Team under Prophet Peter Itodo of the LIBERTY SQUARE MINISTRIES to win a music competition in Abuja. The team took a 10-hour trip, from Lagos to Abuja. There were several roadblocks due to the rising insurgencies at the time, which elongated the trip to 16 hours. On their way at Lokoja Bridge, the driver slept off, and the Praise Team was involved in a terrible car accident around 2 am. One of the singers was travelling with an eight-month-old baby. Till today, nobody knows how they all survived. On arrival in Abuja,Ehi Sam and the Praise Team refused to go to the hospital opting to rush to their hotel and thank God. During the competition the next day, the Praise Team sang ‘I Almost Let Go’ originally by Kurt Carr. It was a song they had chosen before they left Lagos and the song became their testimony in Abuja.

Ehi Sam cherishes the memory of a music concert held at Assemblies of God, Victoria Island Worship Centre in Lagos in 2011. He was given the privilege to teach and minister in music with over a hundred people in attendance. There were physical manifestations of the power of God upon lives while Ehi Sam was ministering in songs. It made Ehi Sam realize he was not entertaining but ministering to people.

In South Africa, Ehi Sam has had several wonderful moments. He has ministered at the Worship Encounter, quarterly worship services organized by His Purpose Church South Africa led by Pastor Seun Salako alongside Minister Phindi, Bongi Henry and Hydee Sax. He sheds tears of gratitude when he sees people connecting and naturally yielding to God at Worship Encounter.

He has had life-impacting ministrations at the PUSH programme of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) national headquarters, Dominion Chapel. South Africa in 2019.

In April 2020, Ehi Sam released his first song, Jehovah. The title was born out of the realization of who God is to His children. When Ehi Sam reflects on his childhood, he realizes Jehovah has seen and been with him through the storms of life. He cannot fail. The name Jehovah is an experience and a reality to Ehi Sam.

The song came to Ehi Sam while leading worship during a midweek service at His Purpose Church South Africa in 2019. He kept singing “Jehovah, You are the great I am.” The congregation sang the song and the Church hall was saturated with the dewy kind of atmosphere. Minister Daniel Kamanga was the preacher in that service and he just continued singing the song. He was in tears. It dawned on Ehi Sam; he needed to take that song beyond the confines of the Church, to the world.

It took Ehi Sam almost eleven months to record the song. When he wanted to record the song, his father passed on in April 2019. As the firstborn, the burden and responsibility of ensuring that all went well regarding the late father’s funeral fell on him and his siblings. After the burial, Ehi Sam managed to raise some funds again to record the song but failed to do so. His car was hijacked but thanks to Jehovah God who never fails, the hijackers failed to get away with the car. Unfortunately, the car was severely damaged and Ehi Sam had to pay for repairs.

In January 2020, God spoke to Ehi Sam to record and release the song despite the lack of finances due to a business lock-down and the overwhelming spread of the global corona virus pandemic. His ever-supportive wife encouraged him to obey.

It was not easy, but it was worth it, Jehovah never fails.

The song is out and can be accessed on Ehi Sam’s YouTube Channel here It can be downloaded for free here. It is available for sale on Spotify, Google Play Store, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon and other digital platforms

Ehi Sam has recorded a second song titled ‘NO LIMIT” to be released soon and is working on a third one.

Inspired by Pastor Phil Arojie, Pastor Seun Salako, Don Moen, Nathaniel Bassey and Donnie Mc klurkin, Ehi Sam desires to grow into a global brand impacting lives through gospel music. His utmost desire is to raise nations of worshipers for the heavenly father.


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