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Bryt Maxwell was born in IMO State Nigeria but he didn’t grow up there; now resides in the FCT_Abuja Nigeria precisely where he is fully focused on what God has destined for him. Which is God number one business.

Bryt Maxwell became one with music since he was still a toddler. And now he comes up with the single piece which is titled ~ Living God ~ A song he wrote down just one morning after his prayer times.

His Qoute –
“For the record, I will always say to myself that I do music for just a few who are ready to receive from it and be blessed alongside; then it can extend. Above all here is a song titled ~ LIVING GOD which will be released shortly for all to have access to it. When you have access to this single piece if it doesn’t inspire you to delete it immediately for sure I won’t pick any offense. Thank you all.”

Inspirational praise song.
A bit of the Igbo dialect and Ede English.
A faith raising song.

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Tongues in!!!
Trust y’all know what time is

I serve a living God oh
A God that never fails
Jesus I emerom mma
(Jesus who has done me good)
Nnam I emerom mma eh!
(Always doing me good)
Odigi onye dikagi ee je e ; je ee je e
(None like unto thee)

Daddy I will sing your praise
I will give you all the praise oh
For you deserve my praise {x1}

See the way you do the things you do
You’re a miracle working God

Daddy I will sing your praise
I will give you all the praise
For you deserve my praise

Daddy you’re the same yesterday,today and forever! Nobody is like you
Just like you made the blind eyes see
Sweet Jesus you raise the dead
Daddy you’re still doing the same today oh!
Miracle worker, promise keeper,what a life giver you’re
Your greatness is beyond description

Agbanweghi agbanwe
(He never leaves me stranded)
Anu kporo nku n eju onu
(A strong meat that fills the mouth)
Otu onye anyi na asi nno
(The only one we welcome)
Nna m elota go
( father are you home)

Just like you gave up your life for me
A man that knew no sin,yet you were sin for me yeah yeah
When they talk about giving life a meaning; only you satisfies me!
I cannot but shout gloreey!

With your unfailing word of grace
Your word which is the rhema of life
I can never be tossed to and fro
I have been placed on a solid rock
Tell me what is potent enough to stop me

Miracle worker,promise keeper
Such a life giver you are
Your greatness is beyond description

Such a living God you are; the true breasted one
Daddy I will give my all to you
For my all belongs to you “FOR SURE!”

Daddy I will sing your praise
I will give you all the praise oh
For you deserve my praise {x3}

Tongues out!!!!!!!


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