Valentine Ft. Kenneth – Show Me Mercy

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This song was inspired by what I was actually going through,and my family at large. I came to discover that it is only the mercy of God that can keep us. Inspired since 2018/2019. We only need the mercy of God to cover our mess.
About the Autor: Ihuoma Valentine Izuchukwu,a native of Nsirimo in umuahia South local government area of Abia state. Who spent most of his life in fegge Onitsha where he obtained his SSCE at promise international secondary School and Seat of wisdom secondary School respectively. A graduate of computer science at National open university of Nigeria Enugu study centre. A lover of God and has passion for music. The song was done by I and my younger brother Kenneth, a drummer and vocalist.


Oh no no no no oh they call me Valentine yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
1.When I was a child I went astray forgive me Jehovah amaghim onye ibu.
But right now I’m coming alive problems everywhere protect me because amaghim onye irom X2
oh father show me mercy eee daddy moo, father show me Mercy onyeoma onyeoma onyeoma.
Idi uto karia mmanu anu.
Obinigwe idi uto karia mmanu anu.

2. Who are my that you thinketh good of me?X2, Who are my that you knoweth about me?
Who are my that you thinketh good of me? You have given me reasons to live oo, onyeoma mji eme onu, father show me your mercy.
Ref: you showed me Mercy aah eee, you showed me love ooo,aaah gave me grace ooo aah eee, you gave me peace ooo aaah eee. I love the things you do for me, I love the way you blessed my soul, I’m Rich Because of Christ in me,aaah eeee. Father show me Mercy onyeoma onyeoma onyeoma, onyeoma onyeoma onyeoma.

3: Lord I have returned,I have returned like the prodigal son who went astray,with his father’s wealth, he squandered it,but then he came back to his right senses. His father showed him mercy eee, daddy mooo father show me Mercy eee,idi uto karia mmanu anu.
Isi mgaba atula ujo okwagi bu Anya m hi ahu uzo, oyoyo chim idi uto karia mmanu anu X2
Ref: chukwu akwagi gi na ato m uto n’obi moooo, chukwu akwagi gi na emem mma eee, chukwu akwagi gi na agwo m oria nke ji mooo oyoyo chim ikasi uto eee.
Idi uto karia mmanu anu Onyeoma onyeoma onyeoma, onyeoma, Chukwu oma n’agwo oria, onyeoma
Chukwu oma n’eme mma onyeoma.
Onyeoma onyeoma onyeoma.

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  1. I love hearing my song “Show me Mercy being played on radio stations. Thank you Lord. I need a call

    by Ihuoma Valentine Izuchukwu on Jan 22, 2021 at 4:17 am

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