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‘#AntiSocialMediaBill: ‘Buhari Wants Us To Be Cowards Like Osinbajo And Adesina’ – FFK

Posted by: On November 13, 2019 || Categories: News

IgbereTV reports that former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani Kayode has
condemned the anti social media bill proposed by the Nigerian senate.

Femi Fani Kayode made this known on Twitter. He said:

#Antisocialmediabill is a perverse sham and aberration that seeks to
stiffle opposing voices.@MBuhari wants everyone to be silent and to bow
before him.He wants us all to be spineless cowards and quislings like
his dogs @ProfOsinbajo and @FemAdesina. This will NEVER happen!

Kayode also wrote:

want to hang people for so-called hate speech and they want to regulate
social media. These people are worse than Hitler’s Nazis and they seek
to establish a totalitarian fascist state. After they silence everyone
they will set up Nazi concentration camps for their enemies

that the Senate on Tuesday recommended that culprits of any form of
hate speech should be penalised to die by hanging if convicted.

Senate also provided that any person found guilty of the criminal act
should be accorded life jail sentence and or five years imprisonment,
depending on the gravity of the hate speech.

These severe
penalties are provided in the proposed bill to establish the National
Commission for the Prohibition of Hate Speech which passed first reading
in Senate on Tuesday.

The bill which was introduced for the first time in plenary was sponsored by Senator Abdullahi Sabi Aliyu (Niger North).

to the Bill, “hate speeches are comments that insult people for their
religion, ethnic, linguistic affiliation, racial contempt among others.”

the establishment of the commission, if the bill is enacted, hate
speech would become criminalised and the severe penalties shall be
applied to offenders.

Also, the Bill, if enacted, would provide the offenders an option of fine to the huge sum of N10 million.

Bill is expected to eradicate all manner of hate speeches peddled by
individuals or organisations and also make hate speeches against ethnic
nationalities or persons become a serious unpardonable crime.

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