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‘Ovularia Is Not Dead’ – Chika Okpala ‘Zebrudaya’ Says

Posted by: On November 7, 2019 || Categories: News

UPDATED: Ovuleria Uredia Nwogbo of New Masquerade fame is not dead, says Zebrudaya

Okpala, popularly known as Chief Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwogbo alias 4.30
of the now rested sitcom that aired on the Nigerian Television Network,
NTA, in the 80s and mid-90s, has dismissed reports circulating on social
media that Ovuleria Uredia who played his submissive wife in that
sitcom is dead.

Zebrudaya expressed sadness over the unfounded rumours, saying it’s untrue.

founder of the Africa International Film Festival, AFRIFF, Chioma Ude,
broke the news on the filmmakers’ WhatsApp group, Filmic that thespian
born Lizzy Evoeme died yesterday morning in Anambra State.

wrote: “AFRIFF decided to give its first-lifetime achievement award to a
lady for many reasons we chose Ovuleria. I reached out to Norbert
Ajaegbu who tracked her. We spoke to the family who in turn spoke to
her. She was excited and promised to honour the invitation.

called my dear friend, former Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi,
who agreed to foot her bills as well as presenting the award to her. I
specifically said I wanted to honour the living with this award not the
dead. Sadly, I heard that she passed on this morning.”

debunking the death rumour when he was contacted on the telephone
yesterday, Chief Zebrudaya said Ovuleria is hale and hearty, not dead.
“Who’s wishing her dead? I am telling you now that Ovuleria is not dead.
You can call on the telephone and she will speak to you. Wishing death
means that she will live longer,” Zebrudaya said.

According to
Zebrudaya, due to old age, Ovuleria is currently suffering from
arthritis as well as eyesight problem. “It does not mean that she’s
dead,” he added.

Also, debunking the rumour, Tony Akposheri, who
played the role of Zaccheus, Chief Zebrudaya’s house-help, told Vanguard
that he just finished speaking with the thespian now, adding that she’s
not dead.

When Vanguard contacted the thespian, her GSM line ran, as she picked up the phone and later hung up.

of AFRIFF said they are planning to honour Ovuleria with the Lifetime
Achievement Award for her contributions to the movie industry at this
year’s festival which opens this weekend in Lagos.

Lizzy Evoeme plays the submissive wife of Chief Zebrudaya played by Chika Okpala in the sitcom that also has several characters.

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