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Top 8 Things You Should Do Immediately You Get A New Android Smartphone

Posted by: On August 9, 2018 || Categories: politics

Getting a new smartphone gives you butterflies in your stomach especially when you are upgrading to a better smartphone. However there are important things you need to do once you switch to a new smartphone.

#1 Check out the Device

After buying a new smartphone, and before you turn it on, you need to check your device properly. Check what’s inside the box properly and make sure you bought a phone instead of a box of soap and make sure all the accessories are complete and working.

#2 Prepare Your Phone

Try to charge your phone properly first. You are going to use a new device for the next couple of hours, and I’m sure you don’t want your new device dying on you right in the middle of something. It’s advisable to do charge the phone full before using.

#3. Clear Your Home screen

By default the home screen of your device is usually filled with some apps and widgets that are placed in their default order as provided by the manufacturer. You can simply remove them and make your homescreen look less congested or you could install a new launcher.

#4 Unwanted Bloatware

Most manufacturers pack some unwanted apps in their new products. These useless apps are just annoying and you will definitely want to remove them. You can remove these apps by just going to app settings and removing or disabling them from the available options.

#5 Setup Your Google Account

If you used an Android phone previously I don’t need to emphasize much about this. Without having a Google account, you won’t be able to access Google Play store and other Google services.

#6 Secure Your Device

Most devices come with fingerprint security these days.Make sure you set up some solid security measures to protect your privacy and identity. You can put up a Fingerprint,PIN or pattern lock.

#7 USB Debugging

USB debugging is very important because it helps just in case you ever forget your pattern lock or pin lock then you can reset the password by enabling the USB debugging. You just need a computer and USB cable to reset your old pattern lock with the help of USB debugging.

#8 Photo Backup

.Create a backup with the Google account where you want to store all your data, you have up to 15 GB and you can access it anytime. To create your own data backup, just install Google+ Photos app on your device.



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